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At Need Services

At Arbor, we help you handle all your final arrangements in advance including funeral, cemetery, or cremation options to help ease the pain and grief for your family.

It helps ensure your cemetery and funeral plans are done to your taste. It’s also a smart way to save on expenses when the time comes.

Choosing a funeral home

Your funeral home should provide for all your needs, especially in times of immediate need.

You’ll want the support of a licensed, professional, full-service facility.

Selecting a funeral home that is affiliated with Arbor Memorial’s many crematoriums and cemeteries can simplify all of your decisions.

Learn more about choosing the right funeral home for you in this informative video.


More Chinese Canadians are choosing cremation as part of their final arrangements. Cremation is often combined with a traditional funeral or memorial service. Prior to cremation, there are often visitations and services held at the funeral home, church or crematorium chapel. A collection of quality cremation products will help to ensure that your loved one’s memory will be with you forever.

Funeral traditions and customs

At Arbor Memorial, we celebrate the rich diversity of funeral traditions and customs that reflect the unique desire and personality of each family and culture.

Many families value the opportunity to select a preferred location in our Chinese gardens. Your family may prefer a crypt, indoor mausoleum, or even a family estate. After all, this is an important place where loved ones will gather for generations to come.

Beautiful Chinese Gardens

Our Chinese gardens honour universal principles in Chinese culture and values, while bringing out the best qualities of the landscape.

For more than a decade, we have been building Chinese gardens at Arbor cemeteries across Canada. Every Chinese garden is unique, reflecting the desires and personality of the local community while featuring the local landscape.

The design team tries to maximize sunlight. Memorials most often face south in our Chinese gardens so that your loved one’s place of rest has lots of sun. We also carefully place any trees in the garden around its perimeter so that shadows fall away from the monuments.

Travel Insurance Plan

If you or a loved one died outside Canada, are you prepared for the expense of bringing them home? You may be surprised by the cost, but with our travel insurance plan, you can protect your family from these unexpected fees.

Transferable plan across all Arbor locations in Canada

Our cemetery and funeral services are available from coast to coast with over 140 locations across Canada. By pre-planning if you ever move to another city, you can transfer your plan to any Arbor location for free.

Let's Talk

We can speak to you in your language and walk you through all the options and costs. We work within your religious and cultural traditions, budget and preferences, and give you all the information you need to make an informed choice in your own time. Come in for a tour and talk to us about pre-planning – or we can discuss your options from the comfort of your own home.