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Valley View  Funeral Home and Cemetery

14644 – 72 AVE
Surrey, British Columbia V3S 2E7
(604) 227-8828

Richmond Funeral Home

8420 Cambie Road,
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 1K1
(604) 227-6619

Pre-Plan and take the burden off from those you love.

Make your own choices

Planning ahead means you can make your own funeral and cemetery choices, reflecting your taste, culture, lifestyle and budget. Our experienced and professional team of experts are also here to guide you and answer all your questions so your funeral and burial or cremation will be carried out smoothly and graciously.

Valley View Funeral Home & Cemetery ​

With a funeral home and cemetery at one location, your entire planning process becomes much easier. Plus there is no need for a long procession between facilities, so your family and guests have more quality time to connect with their memories.

In this relaxed atmosphere, Valley View Funeral Home & Cemetery can help you design personalized ceremonies and receptions, and choose the ideal features in our tranquil gardens to ensure the memory of your loved one will last for generations to come.

Today, through Pre-Planning, you can make decisions ahead of time. Design your own unique statement, save money, and reduce the burden on your family.

Key Features of Valley View:

  • Harmony Phase 3  –  A spacious area specially designed for housing over 700 new niches: made from anodized light bronze aluminum with glass fronts and interior LED lights; A top and bottom trim piece is made of marble
  • Funeral Home on site with a chapel that can seat 300 people
  • Large reception area for funeral memorials, receptions and Celebration of Life
  • Crematorium & cremation services
  • Over 120 acres of beautiful land that is maintained and manicured 5 days a week
  • Forest walks and ponds
  • Indoor glass-front columbarium niches for comfortable, year-round visitation

Call us 24 – hrs: (604) 227-8828

14644 – 72 AVE, Surrey, British Columbia V3S 2E7 (Directions)

Richmond Funeral Home

When it comes to paying tribute, there is no one size fits all event. Our caring & licensed staff provide comprehensive planning in our comforting amenities. We offer funeral and cremation services solutions to suit your preferences, budget, and faith. 

Through pre-planning and making important decisions in advance, leave your unqiue mark, save money, and take the pressure off your family. Provide the the greatest comfort to your loved ones knowing that Richmond Funeral Home will beautifully honour life by customizing visitations, the service, catering, reception and more.

Families across Richmond and Canada have benefitted from our heritage of providing funeral cremation and interment rights. Whether planning or at a time of need, as an Arbor Memorial family member, feel confident when you place your trust in our compassionate professionals. 

Key Features of Richmond Funeral Home

  • Newest Feature- Indoor burning room with floor-to-ceiling glass walls 
  • Outdoor Waterfall with Fireplace.
  • Modern facilities with seating for up to 300 plus overflow
  • Funeral home chapel for 300 guest
  • Reception facilities for Celebration of Life events and memorials
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Patio
  • Affordable Cremation Services
  • Lots of parking

Call us 24 – hrs: (604) 227-6619

8420 Cambie Road, Richmond, British Columbia V6X 1K1 (Directions)


Benefits of Pre-Planning

At Arbor Memorial, we celebrate the rich diversity of funeral traditions and customs that reflect the unique desire and personality of each family and culture.

Many families value the opportunity to select a preferred location in our Chinese Gardens. Your family may prefer a crypt, indoor mausoleum, or even a family estate. After all, this is an important place where loved ones will gather for generations to come.

Contact us for more information.